Turbo Charge Your Amazon S3
Files on WooCommerce

WooCommerce plugin that converts an Amazon S3 file to a turbo charged one while reducing your costs

What is Bucket Blaze?

Reduce Amazon S3 Download Costs by 50%

Bucket Blaze delivers your Amazon S3 files at a cost of $0.05/GB instead of $0.09/GB that Amazon charge saving you up to 50%.

Increase File Download Speeds by up to 5X

As your files are delivered via the Stackpath CDN, customers download them up to 5x faster than downloading from Amazon S3.

Detailed File Cost & Analytics Dashboard

No more sorting through raw file logs to figure out which files are costing you the most. Your dashboard gives you all that info in one place.

Turbo Charged S3 Downloads
for WordPress & WooCommerce

Using Amazon S3 with WooCommerce to deliver your digital products can be expensive (up to $0.17/GB) and if you want to see detailed file statistics, its not simple.

The Bucket Blaze WooCommerce plugin copies your files into the Stackpath CDN and delivers them from there instead of S3 (with no reuploading required) resulting in:

Lightweight & Simple
WooCommerce Plugin

Add the Bucket Blaze plugin to your WordPress/WooCommerce site and you can convert any Amazon S3 download link to a Bucket Blaze enhanced download link.

Get setup with Bucket Blaze or convert an existing file in under a minute by following these steps:

You’re done – files will be up to 5x faster and 50% less, plus you’ll get detailed file analytics.

Save up to 50%

Compared to Amazon S3

Host your files on any object storage provider (for example Amazon S3, Wasabi or Stackpath Object Storage) and let BucketBlaze do the rest.

All with the following benefits:



Your Price: $3,312

Secure & High Speed Enterprise Grade Network

Files delivered are signed meaning they’re 100% secure and delivered via the Stackpath CDN meaning you’re using one of the biggest networks in the world to deliver your files.

As we use the Stackpath network, your files are being delivered from 50+ edge locations around the world (instead of just one if you’re using Amazon S3) and harnessing the power of 65+ Tbps, meaning your customers can download their files at lightening fast speeds.

Detailed File Analytics

Files are signed meaning they’re 100% secure and delivered via the Stackpath CDN meaning you’re using one of the biggest networks in the world to deliver your files.


What some of our customers say about Bucket Blaze


Compare Bucket Blaze To S3

Amazon S3
Bucket Blaze
Amazon Cloudfront
Cost per GB $0.09 $0.05 Up to $0.17
Number of delivery locations 1 45 215
Secure URL signing
Simple Analytics Dashboard
Cost breakdown per file
Cost breakdown per country
Support Paid Free always available Paid
CDN Enhanced Delivery


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, would like a walkthrough of Bucket Blaze or help set you up then get in touch

Your files remain stored on Amazon S3. The CDN (Stackpath) adds those files to its network and when a customer requests a file download, its delivered by Stackpath instead of S3.

Your files are delivered via the Stackpath network which has a 99.99% uptime guarantee. If for any reason the network was down, your downloads simply automatically revert to Amazon S3 instead – no downtime, no error messages.

When using S3, file are delivered from a single location (for example, the Virginia data center). Therefore a customer on the other side of the world will have a slower download speed compared to a customer who is located closer to that data center. When using BucketBlaze, files come from the Stackpath CDN which has 45 “edge locations” around the world. The customer will get their files from their nearest location meaning they’ll have faster download speeds.

Yes absolutely. Bucket Blaze works with any “S3 compatible” file storage solution.

BucketBlaze can run in parallel with your existing solution without any disruption to your business. You can use it in combination with any other S3 plugin – as it only creates new shortcodes for you to use, it won’t conflict with any other plugins.

Amazon continue to charge you $0.02 per GB stored per month but your bandwidth will now be charged by us instead.
No, none. You will continue to be charged $0.02 per GB for files hosted on S3, but nothing more.
Yes and potentially even more than that. If you use Amazon Cloudfront for example, you’d save up to $0.12 per GB! So 10TB would cost you $1200 less than on Amazon!

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