3 steps to getting started

1. Create your Account

Create your account in BucketBlaze, no payment required, no contract required, first 100gb bandwidth is free!

2. Install our Plugin

Download and configure our WordPress plugin in your WooCommerce site, just like any other plugin

3. Generate Links

Leave your files where they are and simply create a BucketBlaze link, update your product and you’re good to go!

A detailed guide to getting started

If you’d like to this yourself here’s a more detailed guide. As always we’re here to help.

Install our Plugin

After you’ve created your account in BucketBlaze go ahead and download our WordPress plugin from here.

Now go to your WordPress/WooCommerce website, go to “Plugins“, “Add New“, and select “Upload Plugin” to upload our plugin.

Add your API Key

You’ll have receieved an API Key from Bucket Blaze after you create your account. You can also get it from your Profile page in your Bucket Blaze Analytics.

Add this API to the Bucket Blaze settings page (under Settings in WordPress), this will automatically pull into WordPress your configuration settings needed to sign any download URL’s and keep your digital files safe.

Convert your URLs

In your Bucket Blaze Dashboard, go to Tools and from there insert your origin URL (typically this would your AWS S3 URL, or equivalent) and click Convert.

BucketBlaze will automatically convert this URL into a WordPress shortcode that you can insert into any product or page.

Update your products

Back in WooCommerce, go to your Products Page, choose your product and click “Edit”.

In the “Downloadable Files” section, change the link/shortcode in the “File URL” box to your new Bucket Blaze shortcode.

You’re all done.

Bucket Blaze will now automatically sign your download links, meaning each customer will receive a unique link that can’t be shared – keeping your files safe.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, would like a walkthrough of Bucket Blaze or help set you up then get in touch

Your files remain stored on Amazon S3. The CDN (Stackpath) adds those files to its network and when a customer requests a file download, its delivered by Stackpath instead of S3.
When using S3, file are delivered from a single location (for example, the Virginia data center). Therefore a customer on the other side of the world will have a slower download speed compared to a customer who is located closer to that data center. When using BucketBlaze, files come from the Stackpath CDN which has 45 “edge locations” around the world. The customer will get their files from their nearest location meaning they’ll have faster download speeds.
BucketBlaze can run in parallel with your existing solution without any disruption to your business. We’ll get you up and running with one product and whenever you’re ready to do so can start switching the rest. Contact us directly to get started or learn more. The future starts with a click.
Amazon continue to charge you $0.02 per GB stored per month but your bandwidth will now be charged by us instead.
No, none. You will continue to be charged $0.02 per GB for files hosted on S3, but nothing more.
Yes and potentially even more than that. If you use Amazon Cloudfront for example, you’d save up to $0.12 per GB! So 10TB would cost you $1200 less than on Amazon!

We’d love to chat further with you. Contact us and we can discuss!

Got a question?

We’re happy to go through any details or manage the installation for you, just get in touch!