Why Bucket Blaze?

Amazon S3 is Expensive. But It Doesn't Have to Be.

Amazon charges $0.09/GB for S3 bandwidth (or up to $0.20/GB for Cloudfront). If you sell or deliver digital products to your customers and use large amounts of bandwidth, the costs can really start to add up over time. The problem is, you have better things to do with your time than figure out how to integrate a new system or find a better CDN for your files right?

That’s why we created Bucket Blaze. We offer small to medium sized companies a simple solution that is easy to integrate which will increase download speeds, reduce costs (just $0.05/GB) and provide detailed file analytics. Bandwidth shouldn’t be costly or difficult to understand.

Secure & High Speed Enterprise Grade Network

Files delivered are signed meaning they’re 100% secure and delivered via the Stackpath CDN meaning you’re using one of the biggest networks in the world to deliver your files.

As we use the Stackpath network, your files are being delivered from 50+ edge locations around the world (instead of just one if you’re using Amazon S3) and harnessing the power of 65+ Tbps, meaning your customers can download their files at lightning fast speeds.

Half the Price. Twice the Speed

Compared to Amazon S3 your downloads will be 5x faster and 50% cheaper. On top of that, you’ll have access to simple file analytics all in one place.

BucketBlaze was created to give easy access to an enterprise solution, made for those of us who aren’t developers.

Data That's Not Complicated

Unlike Amazon S3, we provide easy access to file analytics so you measure cost of downloads, bandwidth usage, failed downloads etc.

All the metrics that matter to a digital download business like yours.

Additionally, unlike Amazon S3, all of this data is easily accessible and simple to read. No more digging through difficult raw logs and csv files – just simple, actionable data in one place.

Simple to connect, no coding required

Easy Integration

Made for those of us who aren't developers. Just replace a link and you're done

No re-uploading files

Files are automatically cached on the Stackpath CDN, digitally signed & secure

Ultra fast speeds

Files are delivered at blazingly fast speeds from the Stackpath CDN

No contracts

There's no contract, no setup fees or any other costs. Cancel at any time

Simple pricing

Absolutely no hidden charges, just a simple $0.05c per Gb

Enterprise grade network

The Stackpath CDN is used by some of the world's biggest brands

Made Specifically for WordPress & WooCommerce

Bucket Blaze was made specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce. As it generates download URLs via shortcodes, it can integrate with any WordPress based eCommerce platform.

We designed it to be incredibly simple to use, while feature rich.

It is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 upwards and WordPress 4.0 upwards.

Expert support always

We’re always here to help! If you have any questions, need support or would like to request a feature we’re only a click away with our dedicated Slack channel that you can access whenever you like.


Got a question?

We’re happy to go through any details or manage the installation for you, just get in touch!